The Analysis of Archives Management at District Office of Tirawuta Regency of East Kolaka

By | November 7, 2017

The Analysis of Archives Management at District Office of Tirawuta Regency of East Kolaka


1Nuryani, Sri Susanty Dwi 2Ashari 3Baso,Sudirman

This research is a research with descriptive qualitative type, the informant in this research as many as eleven people. Data collection techniques are direct observation, direct interview. The data analysis used Data Reduction, Data Presentation, and Attract Conclusion.

The results of this study indicate that Archive storage, where not all existing archives arranged in storage cabinets. There are some archival archives that are still newly not stored in storage cabinets because the available storage facilities are not worth the volume of archives, so there are many archives that are stored on the floor. This, of course, will keep the archive unscathed, and it is difficult to search the archive if at any time it is needed. Archive borrowing, where the archive lending procedure is implemented is not so tight that the borrower often does not take good care of the archives he/she borrows. This is what often causes the archives to be scattered and hard to find if needed. The rediscovery of the archive, where the time to search the archive is often too long, even the new archive is completely declared lost if it has been searching for approximately 2 days, which often slows down administrative processes that require archival. Displacement and Destruction of Archives. The transfer is based on a retention schedule which is a list that contains the wisdom of how far a group of archives can be stored or destroyed. If in less than one year there are many archives, it will be done the transfer of archives because of the limited archive storage.

Keywords: Archives Management