Legal Protection for Air Passengers (Study at PT Lion Air Tanggetada)

By | December 25, 2017

Legal Protection for Air Passengers (Study at PT Lion Air Tanggetada)


1Sarfin, Muhammad 2Mayasari, Riezka Eka 3Haerani, Yeni

Public transport is a public facility that is often used as a means of transportation support as a means of supporting economic development and community development and industrial growth. Therefore, public transport service providers should pay attention to the legal protection for air passenger so that passengers as service users can be fulfilled all their rights as they should without feeling aggrieved due to the condition of public transportation which is less comfortable and less safety of the passengers themselves. But in reality, there are still passenger rights that are neglected in terms of passenger comfort and safety as users of public transport services so the authors are interested in making research on Legal Protection for Air Passenger Transportation (Case Study at PT Lion Air Tanggetada). Based on the description that has been presented in the background of the problem, will be conducting research to answer the problem formulated as follows: 1. How legal protection to consumers as users of services at PT. Lion Air, Tanggetada? 2. What is the legal remedy that can be done by an injured passenger due to flight operational risk? This study aims to determine the legal protection for air transport passengers. This research uses the juridical-empirical method. The methods used in the collection of legal materials are literature studies, interviews, and literature, invitations. The results can be concluded that the legal protection for air transport is the responsibility of PT. Lion Air Tanggetada as a carrier to passengers. The carrier is liable for loss of goods, or the exchange of passenger goods resulting from the occurrence of air transport in the aircraft and/or up and down aircraft. This is the problem if the carrier, in this case, is PT. Lion Air Tanggetada does not carry out its obligations when experiencing flight operational errors.

Keywords: Air Passenger Transportation Protection