Free Song on Internet Media

By | December 26, 2017

Free Song on Internet Media


1Ismul 2Mayasari, Riezka Eka 3Rijal, Syamsul

This study aims to determine the legal protection provided by the government to the copyright holder of the song in overcoming the act of copyright infringement in cyberspace as well as to know the accountability of the service provider of free download songs against copyright infringement in the internet media.

This research was conducted in Makassar, precisely at the Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of South Sulawesi and the Office of Communications and Information Technology by conducting interviews related to the research. Besides, it is also observed and by distributing questionnaires to obtain the data needed for the research.

The findings obtained from this research are: 1) Legal protection given by the government to the songwriter or right holders is currently done in two ways, the first is the blocking of sites that are deemed to have infringed the copyright even though it is not running maximally and in no way reduces the occurrence of the violation , and the second is to socialize both the songwriter or the rights holders about the importance of registering the creation, as well as to the community about the culture of appreciating the work of the nation’s children so that intellectual property law enforcement can be implemented properly. 2) The accountability made by the provider of free song download sites is not in accordance with the law. Illegal site providers even dodge their presence as illegal sites by positioning themselves as a song search site that does not upload songs on the site but equates the site with search sites like Google and Ymail.