Ability to Edit the Student Writing Class IX SMP Negeri 1 Lasusua

By | January 19, 2018

Ability to Edit the Student Writing Class IX SMP Negeri 1 Lasusua


Adha, Nur

This research background of accurate information about the ability of students in editing essay, especially in students of class IX SMP Negeri 1 Lasusua. The problem in this research is how is the ability to edit student essay of VIII grade SMP Negeri 1 Lasusua? The purpose of this research is to describe the ability of editing essay of class VIII students of SMP Negeri 1 Lasusua. This research is classified as field research, while the method used is descriptive quantitative. The population in this study covers all students of class IX SMP Negeri 1 Lasusua academic year 2015/2016 with a total of 279 students. The sample taken in this research is counted, 101 people. The sampling using technique Proportionate Stratified Random Sampling.

The results showed that individually the ability of class IX students SMP Negeri 1 Lasusua not able to edit the essay. It is said that they can not afford because the percentage of ability obtained is that there are 43 students (42,6%) able to edit the essay and 58 students (57,4%) can not. It can be said that the students of class IX of SMP Negeri 1 Lasusua have not classically achieved the predefined ability criteria that are 85%. As for the description, that is as much as 43 or 42.6% belong to the category capable with details of 10 students get score 23 or reach the ability of 82.14%, 10 students get score 22 or achieve ability 78,57% and 23 students get score 21 or reach ability 75%. As many as 58 students or 57.4% belong to the category of incapacity with the details of 14 students scored 20 or reached the ability of 71.42%, 6 students score 19 or achieve the ability of 67.85%, 10 students score 18 or achieve the ability 64,28%, 6 students get score 17 or reach ability 60,71%, 6 student get score 16 or reach ability 57,14%, 6 student get score 15 or reach ability 53,57%, 5 student get score 14 or reach 50% ability, 3 student get score 13 or reach ability 46,42%, 2 student get score 12 or reach ability 42,85%.