The Leadership Style of Village Leaders in Increasing Participation

By | April 13, 2018

The Leadership Style of Village Leaders in Increasing Participation


1Sukmawati 2Mendong, Bakri 3Nursamsi

The purpose of this research is to know the style of Leadership Village Head In Increasing Participation.

Method and type of research method of data collection that is by observation and interview method. Data analysis method used in this research is Qualitative Descriptive analysis method used to describe and explain in general about the research problem.

Based on the data collected, then the results of this study is the Leadership Style of Village Head In Significant Participation Increase often with the implementation in addition also in this study presents some interviews that many describe the Style of Leadership Village Head In increasing Participation

The Leadership Style of the Village Leader In Improving the participation, based on the research indicator indicates that in accordance with the results of the research it has been done in accordance with what is expected, the style of consultative leadership, that in relation to the leadership style of the village head in improving the participation has been aimed at the maximum and satisfactory results, especially in the village of Andowengga Poli-Polia Subdistrict. In addition, the style of participative leadership, style of leadership of the village head in increasing participation. Based on research indicators that have been done and have become hope, Delegative leadership style, also shows maximum results in line with the leadership style of leadership in increasing participation.

Keywords: Leadership Style, Participation